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Four signs it's time f0r brand bootcamp in 2019

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Often getting through the day to day business gets in the way of the business itself. But in 2019 with the complex plethora of content creation, your brand and it's visual identity is worth more than ever.

For some people, a few simple changes to the look and feel of their brand will instantly reinvigorate it, but for others, just as sometimes you outgrow your safe, most comfy pair of jeans, sometimes you outgrow your brand. And that’s's time for brand bootcamp!

So how do you now if your brand needs to head to bootcamp?? Here are our top 4 ways to tell:

- Your branding is becoming inconsistent and has lost it's way

- What you offer has changed

- You're targetting the wrong audience

- You are just not connecting

KNOW YOUR BRAND AND IT'S VALUES Before your consider re-booting your brand, you need to be sure you know what your brand represents and what you want your audience to see.


Take a look at your brand and your assets. Your brand assests are the elements you use to communicate to your audience. Things like your marketing materials, business cards, signage, social media profile etc. Do you use the same colours, fonts, logos etc throughout? The consistency of the visual elements of your brand is key.


Don't be afraid to trust yourself. It is YOUR brand and you can take it wherever you like! Connect and communicate with purpose and passion. Engage with emotive content that offers value and insight.Your audience will appreciate it and they will keep coming back.

Every now and then, just like our bodies need to be schocked into looking and feeling great, brands do too.

If you want to know if your brand needs bootcamp or just a lighter workout, get in touch for a brand audit consultation.

By Jill Stewart, Director, Full Force Media & Curious Culture

Your brand will be looking and feeling great in no time!
Let's get moving - Brand Bootcamp

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