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“If you ever thought you were too small to make an impact, you obviously haven't been in the dark with a mosquito.” 

Jill Stewart, Founder/Director

Jill Stewart is the founder of Curious Culture. She is an accomplished publicist, brand strategist, marketer and events manager.

Jill’s impressive credentials are a direct result of her strength in finding the angle in any story and making it work for her client or audience. She is highly regarded for her creative yet results-driven approach to publicity, event management and digital marketing. Jill has worked with a diverse range of national clients ranging from entertainment, food, corporate, regional business and sport. She has an eye for detail and delivers on-brand graphics and communications every time.


She is a regular contributor to media, having featured on local TV news, ABC Radio and in The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, B & T and more.

She is a mother of two very "curious" little people!

So go on, even if you are just a little bit curious....

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