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“If you ever thought you were too small to make an impact, you obviously haven't been in the dark with a mosquito.” 

Jill Stewart, Founder/Director

Jill Stewart is the founder of Curious Culture. She is an accomplished public speaker and brand consultant who specialises in building brand awareness and identity for individuals and businesses.

Jill’s impressive credentials are a direct result of her strength in finding the angle in any story and making it work for both her client, the media and audience. She is highly regarded for her creative yet results driven approach to publicity and marketing. Jill has worked with a diverse range of national clients ranging from entertainment, FMCG, food, corporate, wellbeing and sport. She is a regular contributor to media, she has featured nationally on and in ABC Radio, The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, B & T and more.

She is a mother of two very "curious" little people!

We all have a journey that sometimes needs a little guidance. Curiosity underpins creativity and creativity allows us to grow and shine.

Jade Mcilveen, Marketing Consultant

Jade is a creative and strategic marketer with experience managing and executing PR, marketing and social media strategies across consumer lifestyle, B2B, corporate financial services and the travel and tourism industries. She has successfully implemented integrated campaigns, that have achieved key objectives of improving customer experience and service, driving sales, increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

She has a passion for learning, sharing ideas with colleagues, and an innovative mindset.

So go on, even if you are just a little bit curious....