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Oh Pu-lease!

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Australia's love hate relationship with Pauline Hanson (and our media..) continues!

Whether you love her or hate her, she certainly gets attention and the heated debate between her and Sunrise host David Koch this week is no exception.

But that's just it...It was simply a heated political debate on a national media platform, devised by the Producers to get publicity, increase ratings and blow up social media. Not only for their show...but also how good for Pauline!!

Pauline Hanson has been a regular on Sunrise for years and let's face it, she doesn't go on unchecked. The topics and the people she comes up against are carefully chosen to engage a two sided discussion. BUT it is most definitely set up to create a reaction.


If Sunrise continues to give her a platform to air her views, then they are fuelling the fire. Despite clearly having different ideologies, Sunrise has enjoyed Hanson as a hot topic trigger for self-serving purposes for many years. They need to consider whether they are happy to be part of the problem or become part of the solution. Yes, the media are required to provide balanced views, but really??!

THERE ARE NO WINNERS The reality is, in the wake of such a tragedy, there are no winners. Unfortunately, even the horrific events in Christchurch didn't change anything material about the Sunrise-Hanson relationship.Oh and she'll be back next week! What HAS changed though, is the level of scrutiny into large media organisations. eg: ACMA Formal investigation


Again, whether you love her or hate her. Agree or disagree with her views, this is not issue. The issue here is how Sunrise chose to deliver it to the public. By all means Kochie, call her out and challenge her...that's your job as a journalist...but just don't pretend you weren't lighting the matches to throw on the fire.

By Jill Stewart, Director, Full Force Media & Curious Culture

Just Sayin..

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